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Histwar was born 20 years ago… 20 years of design, development, doubt and joy…

In these 20 years, two products saw the light of day:
The ancestor, “La Grande Armée à Austerlitz”, with its two battles, was intended to put the player in the shoes of an army commander…
HistWar, the logical sequel, had a more ambitious objective: to offer a true 3D immersion in a rich and varied environment. To this end, HistWar came with three editors: a map editor, an order of battle editor and a doctrine editor. At its release, Histwar offered ten battles; the Histwar community, being very active, developed many mods (The Waterloo and the Spanish campaigns, complete mods, and fully integrated with their own graphics and sounds) , and produced hundreds of battles (maps and orders of battles) , offering hundreds of gaming hours!

Since its release, Histwar : LGdN has evolved on many fronts: Graphical (new environment), AI (More reactive, more orders…) and it continues its forward march.

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Histwar today

We invite you now you to get involved, with a new Histwar, a Histwar++, a Histwar 2: Histwar Napoleon.

HistWar : Napoléon is the new sequel and offers a complete immersive experience with new graphics and sounds.
The development team has been reinforced with Romain, Alban and Elie who are a 3D graphics artist (already worked on the development of a 3A game), a musician/composer (a sound artist), and a developer and wargamer by nature respectively.

HistWar : Napoléon builds upon the characteristics of its predecessors: Historical accuracy associated with a new interface. An interface designed to allow you to better control and command your troops.
One of the major improvements will be a more challenging Grand Tactical AI designed to offer serious resistance.

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HistWar: Napoléon will add a new editor that will make this new simulation the reference in Napoleonic Wargaming, tactical and operational. A campaign editor will allow you to fight consecutive battles based on conditions and outcomes that you will define.

I invite you, in the name of the team, to join us in this march that will last about a year with the release of five successive versions: Austerlitz, Eylau, Friedland, La Moscowa and Victory. Each of them will be accompanied with regular game updates.
Austerlitz, an improved version of the internal engine of HW : LGdN, will showcase the wonderful new graphics that can be seen here
The map editor, order of battle editor, the doctrine editor, the scenario and campaigns editors will be released with the successive versions. The new user interface, already in development will be released with the Eylau version. The different soldier scales (1/6, ½, 1/1) and the new soldier models will be integrated in the Friedland release. The AI will be improved all throughout this process.

HistWar: Napoléon will have many versions, the details of which can be found in the HistWarGames store.

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Characteristics :

Database :

Nations : France, Russia, Austria, Bavaria, the duchy of Warsaw, Hesse Darmstadt, Naples, Italy, Saxony, Sweden, Westphalia, Wurtemberg, Baden, Danemark, Cleve Berg, Nassau, Prussia (the corps of Lestoc).

Weather : Good, rainy, snowy, and foggy conditions.

Seasons : Four seasons taking into account day length.

Options : Fog of war with the option of conditional viewing of enemy units (taking into account the distance between the unit and its command), message interception, delayed orders and limited ammo…

Play by email two exchanges per turn ranging from 15 min to 30 min per turn.

Multiplayer : With up to 16 players divided between the two sides[1]. Messages are delayed taking into account historical delays in transmission of orders to offer a better simulation.

Five AI levels : Grand tactical (in single player), Corps, Division, Brigade, Regiment. These AIs are independent and simulate the possible problems that could arise while interpreting orders[2].

Editors [3]

Screenshot du jeu Histwar : Napoléon

A version HistWar : Wellington is planned for the first trimester 2015.
It will allow the player to fight the Spanish campaign and the campaign of 1815 culminating in the battle of Waterloo.

[1]: starting with the Friedland version. Currently limited to 8 players.
[2]: The Division and Brigade AI will be included in the Eylau version.
[3]: All editors will be progressively updated.